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To become DNS hidden master of our DNS cluster, a number of conditions must be met:

  1. We must add the VPS to our cluster (request via support)
  2. When you make use of your own host names for DNS, these must be pointed to by the A records on our name servers
    1. when two name servers are used (e.g. for DirectAdmin) these must be:
        1. for ns1: (and/or 2a02:348:28:cf36::1)
        2. for ns2: (and/or 2a02:348:29:5c06::1)
    2. when three or more name servers are used, then
        1. for ns3: (and/or 2a02:348:28:cf37::1) can be used

In addition, the VPS must be locally configured to communicate with our cluster via AXFR.

1. When a firewall is running, port 53 (TCP and UDP) must be open.
2. In addition, the /etc/named.conf must be modified to send AXFR requests and notifies.

The following lines must be present in the options block (at a minimum):

options {
  also-notify {; } ;
  allow-transfer {; } ;

Make sure that the SOA string is correct for all domains:

@       IN      SOA       <PRIMARY NAME SERVER>. (host master mail, default TTLs...)

and, naturally, the name servers.

<DOMAIN>.     14400   IN      NS      <PRIMARY NAMESERVER>.
<DOMAIN>.     14400   IN      NS      <SECONDARY NAMESERVER>.
( <DOMAIN>.     14400   IN      NS      <TERTAIRE NAMESERVER>. )

Once all of this has been done, all the domains will be synced with our DNS cluster after a named restart.


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