Assign static IP addresses to an instance

This manual describes how-to assign a static IP address to an instance and have more control what IP address is assigned to which instance. Default IP addresses get assigned by DHCP randomly and there is no control what IP address gets assigned to what instance. By mapping a IP address static there is more control over this process.


  • It is NOT possible to assign a fixed IP address from the public ip ranges, only private IP ranges are allowed.,, and 192.168.x.x/24.
  • Setting up a fixed IP mapping can only ben done using the openstack cli tools

Setup an static IP mapping

First make sure you have created a private network or create a new one.

  • openstack network create [network_name]
  • openstack subnet create [subnet_name]--network [network_name] --subnet-range [,,]

Assign a static private IP address to an instance

  • openstack server add fixed ip --fixed-ip-address [ip_address] [instance_uuid] [network_uuid]

Remove a static private IP address from an instance

  • openstack server remove fixed ip [instance_uuid] [ip_address]


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