How do I change the volume type (archive or SSD)

You can change the type of volume through the Horizon Web interface within open stack 2 from archive to SSD or SSD to archive. You can perform this change in a simple way. This manual is provided with a video instruction at the bottom of the explanation. 

Before you begin adjusting the volume type, you should consider the following precautions 

  • Ensure a thorough backup of your data at all times ​
  • You should remove all snapshots of the volume beforehand
  • Close all applications that use the volume and unmount the volume ​
  • Your VPS instance should be online

Convert a volume from archive to SSD or SSD to archive

  • Log in first on the Horizon Web interface at
  • From The left menu select volumes and then volumes
  • At the volume you want to change, select right from the scroll down menu "MANAGE attachments"
  • Then select "Detach Volume" and then "Detach volume" again


  • From the left menu then select again volumes and then volumes
  • In the volume from the right scroll down menu, select "CHANGE VOLUME TYPE"
  • Change the Volume type to your liking, SSD or ARCHIVE
  • Set "Migration Policy" to "ON DEMAND"
  • You will now see the Status "retyping" in the overview and once it has finished,  the status Type of volume changes to your new choice


  • At the volume select right again from the scroll down menu "MANAGE ATTACHMENTS"
  • Under "Attach to instance", select the instance to be attached to the volume and select "Attach Volume"
  • You can now use the volume again with the new settings


     "It may occur a few times that the conversion does not work and the volume type does not change. You can fix this by waiting 5 minutes and then specifically selecting again in the left side menu Volumes. Next, follow the steps to change the volume type. "




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