Installation of Netdata performance monitor

It may happen that there are problems with the Performance of your Instance / VPS, and further research is desirable. In order to gain a better understanding on how your Instance / VPS functions and which Processes are active, the Open Source Package Netdata is a handy Tool that gives you a Visual Insight into what is going on on your System.

The Manual below explains how to install Netdata on your System.

You can view a Demo Page of the Application by opening the Link below in your Browser.



Before you implement Netdata, please refer to the Security of this Application. It is important that you already have a properly configured firewall. If you have not yet configured it, you can use the manual below.

You also need to have your System updated to the latest Package Updates.

  • On Ubuntu
apt-get update 
apt-get upgrade
  • On CentOS
yum update


Installation of Netdata

Netdata can only be installed on Linux Systems, and not on Windows based Servers. Netdata is available for almost any Linux Distribution, Freebsd and also Mac OSX.

  • Log ON to your System using SSH or the Console access to your system

To install Netdata the usage of SUDO is not required, this wil go Automatic.

  • Execute the following Command from the UserPrompt.
bash <(curl -Ss

The Script will ask a few questions and Start Installing Netdata on the Local System.

Security of Netdata

It's importend to properly Configure your Firewall afterwards. This to prevent unwanted access to Statistical Information regarding the Monitored System from the Internet. Execute the following Command to Enable Netdata on your Closed Firewall

sudo ufw allow from to any port 19999


Use Netdata

  • After the Installation you can Access Netdata using the following Link below:
  • To Control the Netdata Service in Order to Stop,Start or Restart the Service Execute the following Command:
system {stop|start|restart} netdata






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