Migrating instance to another zone

With open stack it is possible to migrate an instance from one zone to another zone within our network. For example, an instance created within zone AMS-EQ3 can be migrated to another zone AMS-EU4. In order to migrate an instance to another zone several steps have to be followed. The migration process is fairly simple. This manual is guided with a step by step video instruction of witch you can find at the end of this article. 

  • Please make sure you have a proper back-up of all your data
  • The migration process comes with downtime
  • It's not possible to migrate a direct attached Public IP, only floating IPs and Internal networks can be migrated to another zone
  • You can choose downtime of the service either before or after the migration dependable in your situation

Make a snapshot of the instance you want to migrate

  • First login the Horizon interface
  • From the left pane select Compute and then Instances
  • Select the instance you want to migrate en at the right pane select "CREATE SNAPSHOT"
  • Enter a "Snapshot Name" and select "CREATE SNAPSHOT"
  • A snapshot of the system is being made, this process can take some time dependable on the disk size of the instance.

Launch a new instance in the new zone using the new snapshot

  • From the left pane select Compute and then Images
  • Select the snapshot image made and select "LAUNCH"
  • Enter a new name for your instance in the new zone.
  • Select the new "Availability Zone"
  • Configure the other option available according to your needs

Switch the old and new instance

  • If you choose to shut down the old instance afterwards please select "SHUT OFF INSTANCE" and wait unit the "Power State" shows "Shut Down" 
  • From the left pane select the option "Network" and then "Floating IPs"
  • Search the attached Floating IP from the overview and select "DISASSOCIATE"
  • Select with this Floating IP the option "ASSOCIATE"
  • Select the correct port/instance at the option "Port to be associated" and then select "ASSOCIATE"

Final migration steps

  • Afterwards u can choose to remove the old instance or shelf as backup. When shelfed we only charge costs for the root disks and volumes attached to this instance.
  • When choosing to shelf an instance select "SHELVE INSTANCE
  • Remove the old snapshot by selecting from the left pane "Compute" and then "Images". Then select the snapshot and from the scroll down the option "Delete Image"




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