How can I up or downgrade a VPS?

Via My CloudVPS it is not yet possible to resize a VPS.
Via the Horizon dashboard you can resize the VPS. This way you can use more resources like CPU, RAM or disk.
You can upgrade to a bigger flavor. In certain circumstances you can downgrade a to a smaller flavor. Please see this page for an overview of all our flavors:
You can only downgrade if the hard drive stays the same. So you can downgrade in the Small and Medium HD range, but not in the Standard range. For example a Standard 2 has a disk of 50 GB and a Standard 1 has a disk of 25 GB. You an upgrade from 1 to 2 but not downgrade from 2 to 1.
We recommend you use the Small or Medium HD flavors if you need to scale up RAM or CPU. Because the disksize is the same in that flavor range you can up or downgrade.
If you need more diskspace, please attach a volume.

The VPS will be offline during the resize.



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