How do I create an instance password

On NextVPS there's two options available to get acces. These are "Public Key Authentication" or "Regular Password". In this article we explain how you can use the option "Regular password".


With the option "Regular password" you'll be able to set a password for your NextVPS when it's provisioned.  You can use the password to login via the web console.  Alternatively, you can use the password to login over SSH aswell but this requires some configuration changes to the SSH configuration (by default the option 'PermitRootLogin' is set to 'without-password' meaning you can only login using public key authentication.

Using a regular password instead of public key authentication is less secure. A keypair is generated when using public key authentication and since the private key is stored on your local device only you can login to your NextVPS. 

Setting a password for your NextVPS

When your NextVPS has been provisioned via you'll be able to set a password. Follow the steps below to set a instance password:

1. Click on your NextVPS under "My Products"
2. Click on "Set/Reset Password"
3. A pop-up appears to set your password. Please take note of the extra requirements that should be in place for the password. 
4. Click on "Save Password"
5. Optional: Restart your NextVPS.

You'll now be able to use the password to login using the web console. 


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