Where can I find the password for my Controlpanel, root or Windows VPS?

On our OpenStack 2.0 (Horizon) environment we make use of secured “keypairs”.

This ensures that your password will be encrypted and can only be decrypted using the keypair file. U will not have to remember separate passwords but it does mean you will have to save your keypair on a safe location.

In this article we’ll explain how you can create a keypair and use It for your Windows server. This article is only applicable on the Horizon interface.

Creating a keypair and instance

How do I create a “key pair” and how do I place it on my instance?

  • Start an instance using the “create instance” button.

  • Name your instance and click on the button “next”.

  • Select based on the CloudVPS image and click on the + symbol next to it.
    * Choose the desired flavor that you wish to use for the instance.

  • Select the network to which you would like to assign this instance. Note, this step is very important otherwise you won’t be able to connect using RDP (in case of Windows).

  • Afterwards, you’ll be presented with the option to choose the network ports and security groups. If you haven’t set this up then you can leave this on “default”.


Make sure that the default security group is adjusted in a way that allows you to reach the instance from an external network. The default security group doesn’t allow access from external networks.


Once you’ve performed these steps you can click on the + symbol in the “Keypair” menu and click on “Create Keypair”.


  • From this moment, you can name the keypair, once done you can click on “Create Keypair” in the box on the bottom right. A .PEM file will be downloaded. Safe the .PEM file on a safe location, you can only download it once! If your browser security made it impossible to download the file then make sure it’s disabled and follow the steps above once more.

    * If you followed those steps successfully then you can now proceed and press “Launch Instance”. The automated process will now provision the server for you. After about 5 minutes your server should be online and reachable.


  • Click on “instances” next to the name of your instance, on the right side you will see the option “create snapshot” and an arrow, click on it.

  • In the menu that will be presented you will see the option “retrieve password”. From here, you can load the .PEM file you’ve downloaded earlier to decrypt your password. Once the password has been decrypted you’ll be able to connect over RDP, your control panel, or using the root account for the console.


  • Please note that you need to make sure the security groups have been configured correctly! If you decide to use your own SSH key then place make sure it doesn’t have a password phrase set. You can only decrypt the key locally, not from the interface.



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