How does CloudVPS handle software updates?

Major Upgrades
You can install major version upgrades of the OS or system software yourself or in consultation with us.

Very Urgent Upgrades
If there is an urgent security risk, then we will typically prepare the update(s) and then give you some time to restart the VPS yourself if needed. If we see that the virtual server has not been restarted by the end of the set period of time, then we will do this for you.

Minor Upgrades
Automatic updates are enabled for Linux servers provided by us. Linux servers do not need to be rebooted in order to activate the updates.

Windows virtual servers are continuously collecting available updates, but these updates are not installed automatically. Normally, you must reboot Service Level 1 VPSs yourself. For Service Level 2 VPSs, we normally install the available updates every Thursday between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. This may result in a reboot of your VPS. There are numerous other options in addition to these standard methods.


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