Ahsay Windows backup howto

1) Using the Ahsay account details

After receiving your personal Ahsay account details, you have to install the Ahsay OBM software in your windows server.

Example of an account:

[CloudVPS Ahsay Backup Account]
Server........: https://ahsay001.backup.cloudvps.com/obs/user/logon.do
Username......: vps12000
Password......: FakePassword01
Quota.........: 10G
Protocols.....: HTTPS
Client........: http://download.cloudvps.com/pub/sites/default/files/images/cloudvps_images/windows/backup/AhsayBackup/obc-ahsay001.exe

Use the ‘Client...’ URL to download the backup client and save it to a local folder from where you have to run the installation, like your Desktop or your Downloads folder. Or download and ‘run’ the program as prompted.

2) Installing the Ahsay backup software.

After downloading the software, you have to go through the installation wizard with the following settings and steps:

  1. English.
  2. Install AhsayOBM (the ACB is the lite version).
  3. Welcome screen -> next.
  4. Accept the License Agreement as requested to continue the wizard and press next.
  5. Accept the installation Destination Location -> next.
  6. Anyone who uses this computer -> next.
  7. The wizard summary -> install.
  8. After installing the software ‘launch AhsayOBM’ -> Finish.

You just successfully installed the Ahsay backup software. After pressing Finish you will automatically go to the Ahsay backup software.

3) Setting up the first connection to the backup server.

After installing as above, you will have a new window called ‘Ahsay Online Backup Manager’.

Ahsay installation and first backup.
In this window you have to fill in the ‘Login Name’ and the ‘Password’. After filling in the field, please tick ‘save password’ on. Press ‘OK’ to continue the first login.

Additional background information
The software is created per backup server. If you download ‘ahsay001.exe’, the software already knows the location of ahsay001.backup.cloudvps.com. You can find this information at ‘options’.

4) Setting up the first backup set.

After pressing OK at the login screen, Ahsay automatically start the ‘New Backup Set Wizard’. We are now going to create a backup set that contains all the ‘users folders’ in the Windows VPS.

  1. Name: ‘Backup users folders’, Type: File Backup -> next
  2. Advanced -> C:\ (local disk) -> tick ‘users’ on, every folder in ‘users’ will now be ticked green -> press ‘OK’ to close this window -> Next.
  3. Properties -> change type to ‘Daily’, change ‘time’ to a time between 22:00 and 08:00h. Press OK to go back to the schedule overview -> Next.
  4. Encryption ‘Default’ -> OK.

Additional background information
The communication between the client and the backup servers are encrypted following the HTTPS protocol. After that, every file is also stored encrypted on the backup servers.

Attention! Nobody can access the files without the ‘encryption key’.
If you want to access the files from the backup created by this server from an other server or Ahsay web portal, you must have the encryption key. Without the key, data is lost and unrecoverable! If you leave the encryption setting to ‘default’, the key is the same as your (initial) account password. Other option is to choose for the custom setting ‘Do not use encryption’.

You just created your first (initial) backup set. After closing the settings, you will see the home screen of the backup software ‘Ahsay Online Backup Manager. Also called “Ahsay OBM”. You will find some interesting data regarding your backup account such like your current quota and the latest backuplogs.

Please see other documentation about the further use of the Ahsay Online Backup Manager:



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