Automatic snapshots on OpenStack

This article is only relevant to instances on OpenStack

In addition to regular backups from within the VPS we now also provide the possibility to create a automatic snapshot every week.


A snapshot is a copy of the disk of your VPS at the moment that the snapshot was made. The snapshot will freeze that moment in time and enable you to restore the snapshot to your VPS or clone a identical VPS from that snapshot.

You can make a snapshot without stopping your VPS. We advise you to make sure that all data is written to disk to make the snapshot consistent.

Automatic Snapshots

Snapshot of the boot disk can also automatically be made every week. Snapshots are made on the following day after enabling the option. They will be made every week on that same day until the option is disabled or the VPS is deleted. Only the last four snapshots will be kept. Every week the oldest snapshot will be deleted automatically.

You can enable the snapshot feature per VPS in the my CloudVPS portal and restore from there as well.

Restoring a Snapshot

In the my CloudVPS portal you can easily restore a backup to the VPS of which the snapshot was made. You can also restore the snapshot to a new VPS. This can be done from the Horizon interface under the images menu.

When to use a Snapshot

With a snapshot backup you can quickly restore the state of the entire VPS in one go.

When not to use a Snapshot

It is not possible to retrieve individual files. In theory you could start a new VPS from the snapshot and recover files from there, however this cumbersome and is not what snapshots are designed to do. If your backup strategy requires you to be able to restore individual files or database dumps you should use a traditional backup method like our rsync based CloudVPS backup account.

Also you will need to make sure that all data is written to disk when making a snapshot. Busy database servers or other i/o intensive applications might not be fit for snapshot backups without shutting down or flushing to disk. When there are additional volumes attached to the instance they will not be copied or restored when using snapshots. This can be very useful when your data is on the volume and you want to roll back a O.S. update for example.

Snapshot highlights

  • Easy to setup
  • No options to change frequency or retention
  • Easy to maintain, there will always be 4 copies available
  • Easy to restore to the same or a new VPS. Only full restores are possible.
  • Storage will be on the same geographical location, on different Ceph storage pools.
  • You have no control over the snapshot moment. It will be at a random moment during the day.



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