Snapshot product & activation (Linux only)

Included in our snapshot product are 3 ‘free’ snapshots, the timing of which is determined by yourself. Besides this you get the possibility to take automatic daily backup snapshots, at least 7 of which will be stored.

Before you can take snapshots via the CloudVPS Interface, the product will have to be activated. For a new VPS you can simply indicate that you want this done when you fill in our order form. For an existing VPS, just send an e-mail to the sales department.

! At present we cannot offer snapshots for hard disks larger than 80 GB.

! We do not yet offer snapshotting for Windows VPSes. This is not yet possible, because it greatly reduces the efficiency of hard disk utilisation.

! If you have a VPS with a VPS number under 2130, we can only offer you snapshotting by moving you to a new cluster. This is a simple process that we would be glad to do for you.


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