How do I build an install image in Openstack

You can use the Horizon interface to build your own install images with which you can set up new instances. Follow the steps below. This explanation is accompanied with a video instruction at the bottom.

Upload an ISO install image

  • Click Compute - & gt; images
  • Click on create image
  • Enter an "Image Name" and "Image Description"
  • Select as source type "file" and then the ISO file you want to use for the installation of your new instance
  • Specify "ISO - Optical Disk Image" as the format
  • Click on "Create Image"

Create the system volume

  • Click on volumes on the side menu and then on volumes again
  • Click on "Create Volume"
  • Enter a "Volume Name" and "Description"
  • Choose "Archive Archive" as "Type"
  • Specify the correct disk size on which you are going to perform the installation, this will be the size of the image you will use
  • Click on "Create Volume"
  • Then click on "Edit Volume" at the Volume
  • Select "Bootable" and click Submit

Set up an image install instance

  • In the side menu, click Compute - & gt; Instances
  • Then click on "Launch Instance"
  • Enter an "Instance Name" and click "Next"
  • For Source as Boot Source, specify "Image", select the ISO image and click "Next"
  • Select at "Flavor" a system that fits the specifications of your install CD, size of the hard drive is not important
  • Link a network to the instance
  • The other steps are not important, click on "Launch instance"
  • If the instance is online, click on the menu on the side of the instance and select "Attach Volume"
  • Select the newly created "System Volume" and click on "Attach Volume"

Installation of the install Image

  • Click on the menu on the side of the instance and select "Console"
  • Perform the installation from the & nbsp; installation ISO
  • Customize the installation to your needs
  • Afterwards you must click on "Detach Volume" in the side menu of the instance and remove the "System Volume" from the instance
  • Then completely disable the instance

Upload the volume to the image repository

  • Click on "Volumes" in the menu on the side and then on "Volumes"
  • Select the "System Volume" on which the installation was performed
  • Make sure the status is "Available"
  • Click on "Edit Volume" and then select "Upload to Image"
  • Enter an "Image Name" and click on "Upload"
  • You will now see the status "Uploading" in the overview of the Volume
  • Now click on "Compute" in the menu and then "Images"
  • It may take some time for the status of the image to change & nbsp; to "Active" because the image must be replicated across multiple locations. Depending on the size of the image and the pressure in our network, the speed can vary up to a few hours.

Remove the image install instance

  • Click on "Compute" in the side menu and then "Instances"
  • Select the "Image Install Image" and then click on "Delete Instances"
  • Click on "Images" in the side menu
  • Then remove the image install-ISO





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