Moving domain names to another registrar

Before a domain name can be migrated there is always a preliminary step: requesting a code or filling in a form. Many checks are made on the basis of WHOIS information, and some registrars actually have people who check and approve the forms.

WHOIS information

Nearly all registrars use the WHOIS database as the starting point for a migration and check whether the domain owner (registrant) in the request matches the information in the WHOIS database. Make sure the data currently registered with WHOIS matches the information on your request.

E-mail addresses

.com / .net / .org / .info / .biz / .be / .eu send an e-mail to the owner of the domain containing a link to confirm the transfer. They send this to the e-mail contained in the WHOIS database.

EPP code (authorisation code)

An EPP code is required for the .nl / .com / .net / .org / .info / .biz domains. This is a randomly generated code that is linked to the domain. It is required to initiate the migration. You can request this code from the current hosting provider. Sometimes it is only possible to have this sent via an e-mail to the owner of the domain (info from WHOIS), which is an extra security measure.


For the .de / .it / .nu and other domains it is necessary to complete a migration form. These forms can be very lengthy (.nu, .it). Here, once again, information from WHOIS is used for the initial verification.

Registrar tag

For .uk domains, the migration is accomplished by having the old registrar 'push' the domain to the ISP-TAG of the new registrar. You can request our ISP-TAG via support.

Extensions that require extra care
.be / .eu

The checks performed for .be and .eu domains are very precise. During a migration it is very important that we have the EXACT details of the current owner, precisely as they are currently registered in WHOIS and submitted by the old owner.


A lot of additional information is required for a .it, such as place of birth, date of birth and the tax ID number for a private individual. In addition to this information for the company contact, you must also provide the VAT number if the owner is a company. Migrating a .it domain can take several weeks if the forms are rejected by


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