To gain access to a Windows VPS we need the administrator password. For Linux virtual servers we place our public key in the authorized_keys file in the homedir of the root user.

Denying CloudVPS access to your VPS

If you remove a key from a Linux VPS or change the password of a Windows VPS, we will not access your virtual server without your express permission. The only exception is if we are legally required to do so.

In case you have a control panel and you remove our key dont forget to change your control panel password.

If the key is not on the VPS

You can add our public key as follows:

Make sure the following directory exists:

drwx------ root root /root/.ssh/
(chmod 700)

then place our key in the file: authorized_keys

-rw------- root root /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
(chmod 213)

our key is

ssh-rsa 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

Remove any spaces from the text so it looks like:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3N(....)gpODGE=
Logging in

We will always log in from the or network

If you are running a firewall, please give this address access to SSH.

SSH port

If you have SSH running on another port, please notify us so we can use it to log in.


If you want to adjust PermitRootLogin in order to make it impossible to log in with passwords, we prefer "without-password" as setting, so we can still log in using our key.


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