Store backups from CommVault Simpana 9

This document describes how to add the CloudVPS Object Store as a Cloud Storage Library to CommVault Simpana 9; it is not intended as a guide how to set up CommVault Simpana.

From the Library and Drive Configuration, select Start > Add > Cloud Storage Library.

You will be asked to enter an alias for the new disk library. Choose any name you deem appropriate.

When selecting a shared mount path, select "Add new device..." from the "Disk device"  drop down.

In the "Add Cloud Storage MediaAgent" dialog, enter the following details:

Server type: "OpenStack Object Storage"
Service host: <projectid>
Username: <username>
API Key: <password>
Verify API Key: <password>
Container: Any name you deem appropriate.

The appropriate values for projectid, username and password can be found in the introtuctory email you received when your objectstore was

From this point, continue configuring CommVault Simpana as you require.


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