FTP to Object Store - Connect to your object store using FTP/SFTP

You can gain access to the CloudVPS Object Store with SFTP/FTP.

You can connect to our objectstore using your FTP or SFTP client.

Hostname: ftp.objectstore.eu
Username: projectid:username
Password: <your chosen password>

Projectid, username and password can be found in the introductory email.


FTP/SFTP to Object Store supports the following features:

  • Creating folders
  • Deleting folders (if empty)
  • Renaming and moving folders (if empty)
  • Uploading files (not to root)
  • Downloading files
  • Resumed files downloads, partial downloads
  • Deleting files
  • Moving and renaming files
  • Retrieving the object MD5

We have created a mapping from FTP actions to [CloudVPS Object Store requests].

* Downloads count as Light Requests
* Uploads count as Heavy Requests
* Renames and moves count as Heavy Requests
* Directory listings count as one Light Request per 10000 directory entries

Note that many FTP clients automatically retrieve directory listings

FTP Clients

We've tested the following FTP clients:
- Filezilla 3.6
- GVFS 1.17
- NCFTP 3.2
- CyberDuck 4.3
- WinSCP 5.1.4

Backup programs

This is a selection of the backup programs that use FTP/SFTP:

Ace Backup
Backup to FTP
CloudBerry Backup 
Cobian Backup 
EaseUS Todo Backup 
Iperius backup 
Macrium Reflect Free 
SQL Backup And FTP 
BackUp Maker 

Wordpress (via plugin backwpup) 
Wordpress (via plugin snapshot-backup) 
Magento (via plugin mage)  
Magento (via plugin mageplace) 
Joomla (via plugin comcure) 



There are a few limitations when using FTP to Object Store:

  • Files larger than 5Gb: Large files require object-manifest based upload. This method is currently not supported within the FTP to Object Store functionality. Files created through this method outside of FTP to Object Store can be downloaded just fine, but when they are deleted, they may leave behind the data that is not stored in the object manifest itself.
  • Upload resume and random-access writing is not supported
  • File dates, permissions and extended attributes are not preserved
  • Anonymous FTP access is not supported, username and password are always required
  • Public key authentication is not supported for SFTP.
  • Operating-system based FTP clients (Windows explorer, MacOS finder) are generally poorly implemented, and won't work properly.
  • Directies created outside of FTP to Object Store may automatically be cleaned up when empty, e.g. after the last file or subfolder has been removed.



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