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Is live streaming possible from the object store?


Is Apple HTTP live streaming possible?

Real live streaming from the object store is not possible, but Apple employs a protocol called HTTP Live Streaming in its Iphones. The 'live' part of that protocol name is very misleading. This protocol was not meant for a tv-like broadcast, but for pre-recorded material. Our object store is compatible with the Live Streaming protocol The different segments of the stream can be uploaded with the right headers. These headers are subsequently served together with the GET-requests. Other streaming methods are compatible with our object store as long as it does not concern live traffic (downloading while also uploading at the same time).

How do I provide third parties with temporary access to the object store?

We get a lot of questions about the provision of temporary access to third parties (for both uploading and downloading). The solution for this is a tempurl This allows for an upload or download (via a temporary url) without a username or password being necessary. The uploads are not possible from browsers, but for that a formpost is the solution.



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