Object Store Pricing and Invoicing

Object Store Costs

The cost of the object store depend completely on the actual usage. There are 3 elements to the cost calculation:

1. Storage - The average storage space being used.

Storage1 € per GB per month
First 100T2 0.050
Next 400T 0.045
Next 500T 0.040
Over 1000T Please request price

1 Average TB / GB usage per month.
2 Customers that also hold one or more virtual servers in the same account recieve the first 10G Storage for free.

2. Traffic OUT - The total traffic from the Object Store to locations outside of our network. Traffic toward the object store is free.

Traffic OUT per month € per GB
First 10G 0.00
Next 90G 0.05
Next 400G 0.045
Next 500G 0.040
Next 9T 0.035
Next 90T 0.030
Next 400T 0.025
Over 500T Please request price

Please take care to use the correct URL to connect to. We have a separate URL that can only be used for free internal traffic (InternalURL). All traffic leaving the object store after using the URL for traffic outside of our network (PublicURL) will be invoiced according to the above table. You can request these URL's as follows:



3. API Requests - here we distinguish between Heavy Requests, Light Requests and Free Requests. In contrast to parties like Amazon S3 we only count requests resulting in a write action as a Heavy Request.

Request Type Request amount € per month
Heavy Requests 1 4000 0.01
Light Requests 2 40.000 0.01

1 Heavy requests (PUT, POST)
2 Light Requests (GET including LIST equivalent, and all other requests)
*DELETE requests are free

Free usage for VPS customers

Customers that also have one or more CloudVPS virtual servers receive a free usage tier. For these customers the following free resources are available: 

  • 10 GB Storage
  • 10 GB outgoing traffic pm
  • 50.000 heavy API calls pm
  • 500.000 light API calls pm

More information on invoicing mechanics can be found in the OpenStack Commercial FAQ.


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