S3 Emulation

S3 API support

CloudVPS offers an S3-compatible API for the object store. CloudVPS recommends against using the S3 API for new projects. While S3 emulation is workable, it is not perfect. For new projects, the Swift API has more features, and is less likely to lead to lead to vendor lock-in.

To get started you can create S3 access tokens from CloudVPS Interface. You will receive an access key and a secret key. To combine the hostname for your application to connect to, you should concatenate the ID of the Project and objectstore.eu: 'ProjectID.objectstore.eu'. In your application, replace 's3.amazonaws.com' with the concatenated hostname, which will look like '0123456789abcdef.objectstore.eu'.

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S3 emulation details

The following S3 features are fully supported:

  • Service querying
  • Bucket creation, deletion and meta-data modification
  • Object upload, download, deletion, copying and meta-data modification

Although the most common calls are implemented, certain specialized calls are missing. 

The following S3 features are not supported:

  • Multipart uploads
  • ACLs
  • HTTPS for buckets in hostname. (workaround: use a dash instead of a dot)
  • Versioning
  • Access logging


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