User Management

User rights pertaining to your CloudVPS services can be managed from the UserManagement tab in the CloudVPS Interface.

You will be using projects and user types to assign these user rights.


Projects are used to group products, there are two kinds of projects:

  • Main Customer Interface Project

There is one special project in the project manager that is reserved for configuring access to the Customer Interface. You can recognise this project by the lock icon in front of the project name, which will be your customer identifier and the description "Main Customer Interface Project”.

Only users added to this project can get access to The CloudVPS Interface with the following functionality: customer- and account management, non OpenStack VPS assignment (with specific rights on capabilites) and CDN configuration.

  • OpenStack Projects

OpenStack Projects only have meaning in the OpenStack context. All the resources within OpenStack are always allocated to a project, effectively grouping resources together.

Users can be assigned to specific projects with a certain role, thereby limiting the rights a user has within that project. For instance the user "" could have rights to the Compute Resources in a project but no rights to the associated ObjectStore.

User types
  • Main-customer: This is highest level user. Only one Main-customer can exist and it can be recognised by the lock in front of its name. It is automatically created when the account is created and has all the rights in the CloudVPS Interface. This user will be automatically added to new OpenStack projects.
  • Customer-admin: This user type will have to be created. It has all the rights to the interface except removing the main-customer. It will also be automatically added to new OpenStack projects.
  • Customer-billing: Only has access to billing information and the contact information of the organisation.
  • Customer-tech: Has specifically assigned rights to legacy platform virtual servers and OpenStack projects in the interface.
  • Customer-client: Has specifically assigned rights to legacy platform virtual servers and OpenStack projects in the interface.


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