Reinstall your VPS

You can perform a reinstall of your VPS via the CloudVPS Interface. At present, the reinstall functionality only works for Linux virtual servers.

Because a reinstall completely overwrites the hard disk, you must first be certain it does not contain any important data or make sure that a backup has been made.

As an extra safety measure, we have made it possible to switch the reinstall function on and off in the CloudVPS Interface. This setting is set to ‘off’ by default when we deliver a VPS, and once it is switched on you can switch it off again at any time. To switch on the reinstall function a code must first be entered. This code is sent to the primary e-mail contact when a button is clicked in the interface.

You can specify which image you want to reinstall the VPS with in the 'Reinstall' tab. There are a few things you need to keep in mind here:

You cannot reinstall a VPS using an image containing a commercial control panel that is not already installed on the virtual server.
If you reinstall a VPS image containing a control panel on a VPS without a control panel, remember to cancel the control panel product with us, otherwise you would be overpaying.


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