Update Policy


Major upgrades

You can perform major version upgrades of the OS or system software yourself or in consultation with us.

Extremely urgent upgrades

When there is an urgent security risk, we will usually prepare the update and then give you a limited amouunt of time to restart the VPS if necessary. If we see that the VPS has not been rebooted at the end of the relevant period, we will do it ourselves.

Minor upgrades

On Linux servers that we have configured, the automatic update option is on. Linux servers do not have to be rebooted to activate the updates.

Control panels

In DirectAdmin there are a number of options for PHP, MYSQL, etc. These have to be installed and updated from the command line. cPanel has more options and a handy web interface to take care of this (EasyApache). We can assist you with changing the software version in a control panel environment.


By default, Windows VPSes download the available updates automatically, but you can determine when a reboot is performed to install them.

Updates with automatic weekly reboot (if necessary) through use of a registry key

You can also make use of our weekly update method; this is the default configuration for our Service Level 2 customers. Every Thursday morning between 3:00 and 4:00 we will install the updates that are ready. This may result in a reboot.

Customers that want to make use of the new update method for these VPSes can download the required registry key file here [http://wsus.xlshosting.net/WSUSv1.zip]. First unpack the ZIP file, then double-click the key to import it. If you provide us with the password for the VPS, we can also install this registry key for you.

This method was implemented by default for all VPSes delivered between 19 February 2010 and 19 September 2011.

You can read more about this possibility here: www.cloudvps.nl/community/knowledge-base/windows-server-update-services/


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