Linux VPS selection

Using the list below, you can estimate the amount of memory (RAM) most suitable for you. Please contact us if you have questions concerning a specific configuration.

512M RAM
  • Name server
  • Shell server
  • Backup server
  • Samba server
  • Busy static website
  • Light database server
  • Not busy dynamic website
  • Hosting reseller (up to 30 static sites or up to 5 lightly trafficked dynamic/active sites)
  • VOIP server
  • Streaming server
  • Jabber server
  • Mail server (POP3 / SMTP)
1024M RAM
  • Database server with moderate load
  • Python server
  • Ruby on Rails server
  • Adobe Contribute server
  • Joomla! site (up to around 1000 visitors per day)
  • Dynamic WordPress site
  • Basic Magento shop
  • Hosting reseller: (up to 100 static sites or up to 25 dynamic/active sites)
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam programs

If you intend to perform anti-virus and anti-spam scanning yourself, you will need at least 512 MB for this process.

2048M RAM
  • Tomcat server
  • Streaming server
  • Mono server
  • Heavily trafficked Joomla! site
  • WordPress site with many plug-ins and visitors
  • Active Magento shop (see our optimisation blog article)
  • Large hosting reseller: (up to 200 static sites or up to 50 dynamic/active sites)
4098M RAM
  • High performance database server
  • Heavily trafficked websites
  • High performance streaming server
  • Extremely busy WordPress and Joomla! sites
  • Highly active Magento shop, possibly with a large database (see our optimisation blog article)
  • Extra large hosting reseller: (up to 400 static sites or up to 100 dynamic/active sites)


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