Service Level 1: our basic service level

This is our free basic service level, which applies to all our customers. This service level can be expanded by purchasing Service Level 2. We have a special Service level 3 for clustering setups.

  • For virtual servers, we make the CloudVPS Interface functionality available.
  • CloudVPS will provide advice about the configuration of your VPS and the solution to problems within your environment (as long as the amount of time required remains reasonable).
  • We will provide support for problems with the CloudVPS infrastructure that occur outside your environment.
  • During the first month, free system management time will be provided for the configuration of your VPS. The amount of time is dependent on the size of the VPS package that you purchase.

Package      System management time
VPS 1         20 minutes
VPS 2         20 minutes
VPS 3         30 minutes
VPS 4         30 minutes
VPS 5         40 minutes
VPS 6         40 minutes

Availability and support

  • See our contact page for support availability and office hours.
  • E-mail is often the best way to obtain support, because the communication is immediately documented and it makes it easier for us to allow time to handle your request. You can reach our e-mail support at On workdays, e-mail is generally answered within several hours, depending on the urgency and complexity of the request.
  • If you require quick assistance with a problem, our telephone support is available every workday for answering questions and resolving problems. We do require an email to be sent before you call to activate the issue.
  • You can also phone our 24/7 support line if your virtual server is not accessible or there is a problem with our infrastructure. You will be charged EUR 50 for calling the trouble line for problems within the virtual server. This price covers the first 20 minutes, and thereafter you will be charged our hourly rate.
Additional hours
  • Additional hours can be purchased for 95 euros/hour. A 50% surcharge applies for after-office hours.
Reduced Service Level 1 for OpenStack platform

We assume that Service Level 1 customers on the OpenStack platform are comfortable managing their own server environments. This has the following implications for the Service Level 1 terms for these servers:

1. We will provide advice in the case of problems or questions (as long as the amount of time required remains reasonable), but if you require us to log in we will charge our hourly rate of EUR 95 for a minimum period of 15 minutes.

2. Service Level 1 customers can not call the 24/7 support line outside of office hours for problems within the OpenStack server environments.

  • It is our responsibility to ensure that your virtual server is up and running. We measure uptime as the ability to ping the virtual server from points outside our network.
  • If the uptime of a server is less than 99.9% in a particular month, we will credit you the monthly invoice amount for the affected products and provide an explanation of the cause and any corrective measures we will be taking. In practice, our uptime rarely falls below 100%.
  • Maintenance is not considered downtime, but this only applies if it has been announced in advance.

You can read our entire Service Level Agreement on our website.


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