Service Level 2: Extra monitoring and system management

Service Level 2 is an addition to our Service Level 1, so everything listed under Service Level 1 applies, supplemented by the additional features listed below. We have a special Service level 3 for clustering setups.

You will notice that we only have thee service levels. This is because we prefer simple products and would rather put our energy into solving problems straight away than discussing the fine print of various SLAs. This approach seems to be very successful; we currently have many satisfied customers at all three service levels, from large companies to small businesses.

Virtual Server   EUR 49.00
Physical Server   EUR 73.50

System management hours
  • CloudVPS will provide you with two hours of system administrator time per virtual server per month to handle the activities described below.
  • Once the allocated hours have been used, additional hours can be purchased for 95 euros/hour. A 50% surcharge applies for after-office hours.


CloudVPS can provide the following services:

  • Setting up and configuring your server according to your wishes.
  • Testing and improving the security of your environment (in consultation).
  • Performance optimisation (in consultation).
  • Monitoring for new software versions and implementing upgrades (in consultation).
  • Implementing and monitoring the desired backup strategy.
  • Sharing specific aspects of your solution via an extensive knowledge base.
  • Providing competent answers and rapid solutions to problems with your configuration.

If the activities concern multiple servers, like setting up a replication, then Service Level 3 applies. If possible, actions that lead to the removal or replacement of data will be done by the customer themselves.

  • With Service Level 2 you can phone the 24/7 incident service during after-office hours for assistance with critical issues.
Response time
  • If you need our urgent assistance you can always reach us by phone within just a few minutes.
  • Once we have established that there is a critical problem with your system, we will immediately make personnel available to resolve the problem.
  • All the virtual servers, backup accounts and services relevant to you will be included in our 24/7 Nagios monitoring system.

CloudVPS can provide advice on hardware, storage capacities and software for your backups. Once these have been purchased, CloudVPS can implement the desired backup strategy. You can either choose the standard strategy below or instruct us to implement a different strategy.

Interval Retention period
Daily   7 days
Weekly 4 weeks


Service Level 2 must be purchased for at least 2 months. You can read our entire Service Level Agreement on our website.


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