Service Level 3: For clustered setups

Service level 3 is an extension of Service level 2. You retain all features that apply to Service Level 2 and these are extended with the additional features below.

You will notice that we only have three service levels. This is because we prefer simple products and would rather put our energy into solving problems straight away than discussing the fine print of various SLAs. This approach seems to be very successful; we currently have many satisfied customers at all three service levels, from large companies to small businesses.

This service level is specifically meant for customers that are hosting important applications using a datacenter redundant cluster. This service level allows us to engage in activities related to managing a cluster of servers.

Virtual Server   EUR 79.00
Physical Server   EUR 118.50

Service Level 3 features the following extensions compared to Service Level 2:

System management hours
  • The two monthly system administration hours can be transferred between servers with Service Level 3.
  • CloudVPS can set-up and manage file and database replications.
  • CloudVPS can set up and manage load balancing.
  • Scheduled activities, like security checks, are possible.
  • In the case of a physical setup we can manage the virtualisation layer.

Note: If possible, actions that lead to the removal or replacement of data will be done by the customer themselves.

  • Replication and load balancing can be included in CloudVPS monitoring.
  • It is possible to include application output in our monitoring (using a URL value).
  • For clustered setups with Service Level 3 we will provide access to our PRTG monitoring system.

Service Level 3 must be purchased for at least 2 months. You can read our entire Service Level Agreement on our website.



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