System configuration

Installation of server applications

We will be happy to install applications such as Samba, WordPress or Joomla! for you at no charge. We have a given amount of time available for this depending on your VPS package. See: 'Service Level 1: our basic service level' for more information on this.

You can indicate your preferences at the bottom of the order form. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

OS and control panel combinations

We offer the commercial control panels DirectAdmin and cPanel with CentOS.

Don't have a preference for a certain OS?

If you have no preference for a specific OS, we usually recommend CentOS. This is a stable OS that works well with all the control panels, is well supported and for which updates are regularly released. Debian is also popular among those who have experience with it. Our experience is that developers often use Ubuntu.

System software

What can also be important are the versions of the system software, particularly PHP, MySQL and, sometimes, Apache. We generally recommend choosing the newer versions of system software, but if you move from an existing platform to a CloudVPS server this is not always possible.

Which versions of the system software are possible is determined by the OS or control panel you select:

  • If the VPS does not come with control panel or Plesk, the packages for the OS will determine which system software can be installed.
  • If the VPS includes cPanel or DirectAdmin, the packages that come with the control panel determine which system software can be installed.

You can find more information about the configuration options here:

Alternative system software

You always have the freedom to install other versions of the system software yourself. The following websites are examples of good places to find alternative packages:


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