VPS Control Panel

Linux control panel

The most popular commercial control panels are cPanel and DirectAdmin, both of which we offer. The Plesk control panel is also used, but we do not offer it because the price/quality ratio is less attractive and there are problems with automatic provisioning. You can, of course, install this control panel on a Linux VPS yourself.

We recommend DirectAdmin in most cases because it is the least expensive and most intuitive control panel, while in terms of functionality it is suitable for nearly all purposes.

Reasons to opt for a different control panel may include specific functionalities you require as well as your familiarity with a particular panel based on past experience.

cPanel is our second most popular control panel. It offers extra functionality that DirectAdmin does not have. For example, it provides more system-related statistics and offers you some more control over services like MySQL services. cPanel also allows you to activate FrontPage extensions and control Tomcat. There are also a number of commercial tools that can be useful, such as Fantastico (an installation program for web apps) and RVSkin (a skinning program).

A good open source alternative to the commercial control panels is the OpenPanel control panel that we developed ourselves. It has a straightforward interface and uses few resources. It does, however, offer somewhat less functionality than the commercial alternatives. Contact us for more details.

Windows control panel

Normally we do not offer any control panel for Windows, because Windows already has a graphical user interface and control panels can be difficult to support on this platform. Plesk and DotNetPanel the options that we see installed by our customers.

Web application management

With Installatron you can update virtually all popular web applications on the websites running on your Xen VPS. This can also be done via the control panel by people who have user access. This can relieve you of a lot of work, and updating is good for security.

Installatron (DirectAdmin, cPanel and Plesk)
Installatron costs EUR 1.50 per month.


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