VPS Hostname

The VPS hostname can be viewed as the name of your VPS. This name is used by the VPS for external identification purposes, such as for e-mail traffic.

We also configure the reverse DNS of your VPS to be the same as the hostname you specify. The reverse DNS is the name with which a server is identified when it is sought on the basis of an IP address. This mechanism is used, for instance, to secure e-mail traffic by checking whether the VPS hostname with which a mail server has identified itself is the same as the reverse DNS.

Our hostnames always have the following format:
<VPS identification>.<domain name>.<extension>

So, for example, you could enter VPS1.yourdomainname.nl. If you do not enter anything, we use VPSXXXXX.public.cloudvps.com. The 'XXXXX' will be a number.

If you use your own hostname, it is important that you are the owner of <domain name>.<extension> (the 'yourdomainname.nl' part in our example above) so you can direct this domain name to the VPS's IP address.

You can always change your VPS hostname after your VPS has been delivered.


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