Windows VPS selection

Using the list below, you can estimate the amount of memory (RAM) most suitable for you. Please contact us if you have questions concerning a specific configuration.

1024M RAM
  • Hosting of several ASP websites
  • Minimum for Plesk 10 (max. 10 websites)
  • Virtual desktop – around 4 simultaneous non-demanding remote desktop connections
  • Lightly loaded MSSQL server
2048M RAM
  • Virtual desktop – around 5 simultaneous remote desktop users
  • Moderately loaded MSSQL server
  • Heavily trafficked ASP website
3072M RAM
  • SBS Standard/Premium Edition (minimum system requirements)
4096M RAM
  • Virtual desktop – 10 moderately demanding Office users
  • Extremely demanding ASP site
6144M RAM
  • Virtual desktop – 20 moderately demanding Office users
  • Minimal Exchange Server configuration with 20-30 mailboxes


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