How much CPU capacity has my VPS?

Many people ask us how much processor power their CloudVPS VPS can use.

Xen assigns all the virtual servers a certain number of Xeon cores, and the number of cores you are allocated depends on the amount of RAM the virtual server has.


CPU Cores

Less than 2G

1 Core

2G or more

2 Cores

8G or more

3 Cores

16G or more

4 Cores (you can also add more cores separately)

Can my cores be fully utilised?

The next question people usually ask is whether these cores can actually be fully utilised. The answer is yes. The reason for this is that 8 to 24 cores are installed per Dell server, and the CPU utilisation fluctuates rapidly, so the VPSes do not get in each other's way. We have never seen a situation in which a VPS could not fully utilise the cores assigned to it. We monitor this continuously, and we take action immediately when a server appears to  use more than half of its capacity. We expressly do not impose limits based on CPU cycles.

How many GHz do I have available?

One core currently has 2.50 GHz available. These are currently Intel processors that are optimised for virtualised use, with plenty of cache memory and high speed connections to the memory. When you lease four cores from us, you therefore have 4 x 2.5 GHz = 10.0 GHz.


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