Ubuntu 18.04 information

On our new Openstack and NextVPS platform we now also have Ubuntu 18.04 available as an image. 

From now on we no longer build our images from scratch, but we use the Openstack image as provided by Ubuntu. This makes sure we stay compatible with other cloud providers who do the same. 

However there are a few small changes made to the images to make them function a little better on our platform. There are also a few changes between this 18.04 image and the older 16.04 and 14.04 images. 

The changes between 18.04 and 16.04 

  • It is no longer possible to login with the root user through SSH. You can now use the ubuntu user instead. The key you create/import through the interface in Openstack or NextVPS will be added to both the root and ubuntu user.  
  • It is however possible to login with the root user on the console. If you would like to do this then you can retrieve your password through the interface. This password is only set for the root user, not for the ubuntu user. 

The changes between our 18.04 image and default Ubuntu 18.04. 

  • The image does not use the eno/ens network names. We use the eth0/1/2 names. This is the same as previous images
  • Netplan is not used. Netplan is the replacement of ifupdown in Ubuntu. It is a new way to configure your network. However we found that it is incompatible with dhcpv6. This would make ipv6 non functional on this image. To fix this issue, we have reverted to ifupdown. This means that the network functions as it has on the 16.04 image. 


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