Sophos UTM Firewall VPS

We offer a number of Sophos Unified Threat Manager products as CloudVPS images. These products used to be offered under the name Astaro Internet Security. The smalles configuration for an Sophos UTM virtual server is a VPS 2, this is enough for most loads. With our Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functionality in the interface you can build your own VLAN within which your virtual servers run with the Sophos UTM VPS serving as a gateway.

For the various options we offer, see the table below. The prices shown at the bottom of this page apply when you have a maximum of 10 individual secured connections, such as VPN connections, etc. Contact sales if you are interested in one of these solutions. Then we can discuss the exact network and licence implications with you.

Software Essential Firewall

This is the free firewall product that Sophos offers at the entry level. This allows you to open and close ports very easily.

Software Essential data sheet

Sophos UTM Network Security

Choose this module if you want more advanced firewall features and VPN capability. This product includes a configurable firewall combined with an intrusion protection system and some protection from denial-of-service attacks. VPN and IPSec networks, Windows tunnels and SSL Remote Access can be configured easily with this solution. This version can also be used as a load balancer. Using 2 Sophos UTM virtual servers with the Network Security license you can built a fully redundant setup.

Network security data sheet

Sophos UTM Webserver Protection

Choose this module if you want advanced inspection of web traffic. This solution contains a number of advanced features that will protect your web server. The features include a web application firewall. This processes and modifies all web server communication to identify and block hacking attempts. It also has a malware scanning module using two antivirus engines. The Webserver Protection module also inspect and validates the information submitted by visitors via forms and the URL imput on your websites. It also also protects your visitors against corrupted cookies. Detailed logging is available on analyzed transactions and attacks.

Webserver Protection data sheet

Premium Support Upgrade

This allows you to obtain 24/7 support directly from the Sophos engineers.


The table below shows the costs of the software, excluding the costs of the virtual server.

Product 10 Users* euro/month 25* Users euro/month
Software Essential Firewall 0.00 0.00
Sophos Network Security 20.00 38.00
Sophos Webserver Protection 32.00 60.00
Premium Support Upgrade 9.00 11.00

* 1 user is 1 secured individual network connection such as VPN, etc.


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