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/ Migrating to the TransIP VPS platform yourself

Is it possible to migrate my own Classic VPS to the TransIP VPS platform?

This is certainly possible! You can take full control of the migration by ordering one or more VPSs from TransIP. Because we encourage this, all CloudVPS customers who have a Classic VPS on the XEN platform will receive a 50% discount on every VPS ordered from TransIP for 6 months.

How does migrating with a discount work?

We offer all customers with a Classic VPS the option to switch to the TransIP VPS platform manually and cost-effectively. At the end of March, you received an invitation from us by email to migrate your Classic VPS yourself.

If you choose to do the migration yourself, you first log in with your current CloudVPS interface data. After we have verified your current data and are sure that you have a Classic VPS on the XEN platform, you can create a new TransIP account.

On every VPS that you order from this account before 15 May 2019, you will receive a 50% discount for no less than 6 months. After ordering, a new VPS will be delivered with a new IP address.

I already have an account with TransIP, Can I also activate the discount in my current account?

It is only possible to activate the discount in a new TransIP account. Do you already have a TransIP account? First, create a new TransIP account and send a message to the TransIP support team via the control panel. In this message, you can indicate that the discount must be activated on another account.

Can I transfer VPSs from my new TransIP account to my existing TransIP account?

It is possible to move your VPS to an existing TransIP account through the handover functionalities. Keep in mind that if you use this, the discount will be cancelled. Is it very important for you to relocate your VPS and do you want to use the discount? Then first send a message to the TransIP support team via the control panel and ask about the possibilities.


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