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This article describes billing and contract matters on the CloudVPS OpenStack platform.

What do I get when I order?

You will receive an OpenStack account login for the OpenStack interface and the API, with this account login you can create and manage various OpenStack resources like cloud servers, networks, object stores, routers, etc..

When do I get my login data?

You will normally get your account right away. It can be that, even though your payment went through, we have to manually verify the order and ask for a copy of your ID for security purposes.

Manual order verification will normally be done within 24 hours and during office hours we would not expect this proces to take more than a few hours.

How can I pay?

You can pay your bills using either Credit Card or Paypal. If you are located in a SEPA country you can also pay via a direct online bank transfer. Various account details can be found on our contact page. If you work for a company that can not pay invoices online please contact sales.

When will billing take place?

You will normally be billed at the end of every month according to the resources that were actually allocated to you.

How quickly do I have to pay my montly invoice?

If you are from the Netherlands or Belgium you have 30 days to pay an outstanding invoice. 

All other customers have to pay new invoices immediately. We will try to use the Credit Card or Paypal account provided to us for an automatic payment. Otherwise invoices can need to be paid either directely or via our interface. If you represent an international entity that can not pay invoices immediately, please contact sales to arrange an extended payment period.

How will CloudVPS determine how much of a resource was allocated during a given month?

We will look at the number of hours that a resources were allocated to my account, the minimum payment period for a resource is one hour.

How does the hourly rate relate to the montly rate?

In order to calculate the hourly rate we will assume that a month has 28 days, so we will divide the monthly rate by 672 (24 * 28). This means there usually is an implicit discount to the hourly rate for using a resource the entire month. 

What are the prices for the various resources?

A detailed pricing overview en cost estimation can be found on the Price Calculation page. The minimum payment for a used resource that needs to be paid for is EUR 0.01.

When will I have to make an additional deposit?

If we do not have an established invoicing relationship with you, during the first or second month, we can ask you to pay an intermediate invoice in the case of significant usage.

In this situation the following applies:

  • In case the accumulated amount exceeds EUR 100 an intermediate invoice will be generated. This invoice needs to be paid before the accumulated amount exceeds EUR 150.
  • If the cummulative amount grows to EUR 500 after this, then this amount will have to be paid before the amount reaches EUR 750.
  • If the cummulative amount grows to EUR 2000 after this, then this amount will have to be paid before the amount reaches EUR 3000.

In the case of further extreme usage during the first month or in the case of extreme usage after the first month we can contact you and could we ask an extra deposit on your prepaid balance.

For customers that pay using Credit Card or Paypal payment of these additional invoices will happen automatically. Customers that are using electronic banking will have to make the payment themselves.

What if a customer works for an entity that can not pay over the internet?

If you are required to pay in advance but represent a large entity that can not pay via the internet please contact sales.

How can I cancel a product?

If you terminate a product via the API or the Skyline interface the associated contract ends and we will stop billing for it. If you email billing we will remove your account and any provisioned resources.

What do I need to pay for a cloud server that is shuf off?

For cloud servers that are shut off (option 'Shut Off') we just charge the cost of the hard disk following the same pricing structure that is used for volumes.

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