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/ How does the hard disk access (I/O) for CloudVPS work?

In order to guarantee that the performance of your VPS is not dependent on the uptime of a physical server, we store the hard disk data on a SAN (Storage Area Network). Because the data is spread across a number of hard disks that are located outside the server, it is important to know how the access to the hard disk data works.

We have made the following design decisions in order to ensure high-speed hard disk I/O:

  • No limitations to the number of disk I/Os; it is our responsibility to ensure there is sufficient capacity.
  • 8-gigabit fibre channel connections between the servers and the SANs.
  • A significant amount of non-utilised capacity is left on each hard disk.
  • Powerful, redundant RAID controllers with lots of cache.
  • A maximum number of disks behind each set of RAID controllers.

We also continuously monitor the disk I/O performance of all our virtual servers. We intervene immediately when any problems arise.

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