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/ Configuring SyncBackPro backups

Please note, as from Thursday the 5th of June 2012 we offer Ashay instead of SyncBackPro.

To configure a weekly full backup with daily differential backups:

Once the installation is complete, open the program and click: Profiles -> New.

Enter a profile name, such as: Daily-Week

The standard backup direction is okay.

Select: 'Backup TO an FTP server'.
4a. Go to the 'Manual Configuration' tab and enter the desired backup server.

'Source' is okay. On the second line, select what should be backed up. Initially, this is just a portion of the C:\ drive ('users', for example).

The backup description is okay. Make a connection to the FTP server by clicking the folder icon. Right-click in the empty space and select 'Create Directory'. Give the new directory a name, such as: 'Daily_Week'. Navigate to this directory and click OK.
6a. Once you've done this, you have to add a 'backup variable' to the end of the backup location. Add the following: %DAYOFWEEK%.
The backup location then looks something like this: \vpsxxxxx\daily_week\%DAYOFWEEK%

'Use Fast Backup' is the 'differential' method we want to use. Click OK, and then click OK again. The new backup profile is now finished. You will be asked whether you want to perform a 'simulated run'. This is not necessary if you are sure that the FTP location is accessible. Now we have to make sure that SyncBackPro is executed every day by Windows. As soon as you have returned to the overview of the profiles, you need to open the properties (modify) of the profile you just created.

Click 'When' at the left. Click: 'Edit Schedule'. Click YES, and then click OK.

You should now be in the 'Windows Task Scheduler'. This is set to 'Daily' by default. Make sure that you enter the administrator's password for the server. To do so, click: 'Set password'. Click Apply, and then click OK.

Done! Everything is now configured so the VPS will perform a daily backup.
(This method is provided 'as is'. This means that changes may be made to the software at any time, as a result of which this procedure may have to be modified.)

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