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The CloudVPS Backup Scripts are a collection of tools that make backing up and restoring a Linux server simple and easy. The tool also offers the possibility to test the chosen configuration and troubleshoot where it is necessary. This can be done with tools like a required space calculator.

With the installation tool it is possible to make the installation and configuration of the backup script quick and simple.

Backup Frequency

The backup script works on the basis of rsync and incremental backups. Every Monday a full copy of the server will be made. During the other days of the week only the changes compared to the full copy will be included. This makes it possible to have seven days of backups available for a relatively small disk usage on your backup account. If the data does not change too much during the week a backup space of two times the amount of data should be enough.

In addition to the standard seven day cycle you can keep the full weekly backup for longer if you want. You can also configure monthly backups and keep them.

MySQL Databases

MySQL database dumps will also be included in your backup. This will happen automatically in case Direct Admin, cPanel, Plesk or OpenPanel are found on the server. For different configurations database dumps will have to be activated in the configuration. Individual database dumps will be made together with every daily backup, these will be compressed by means of gzip in order to save space.


When the backupscript encounters errors in your configuration or during the making of backup, then the script will report these errors. These errors will be sent to the email address that has been set during installation. Where possible the script will provide you with suggestions about possible solutions for the problem.

Backup Restore

Backups can be restored by means of the restore script which is included in the solution. You can always restore backups from up to at least 6 days ago, and if this is configured, you can go back even further. It is also possible to restore individual MySQL databases.

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Download the full backup script documentation (PDF)

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