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/ Using the object store for storage for Wordpress plugin W3TC

In order to use the CloudVPS Object Store as a storage platform for your for your Wordpress blog with W3TC you can follow this howto. The howto does not provide information about specific settings, but it explains how the FTP part needs to be configured.

Log in to
Go to ObjectStore
Go to Manager
Make a new container by clicking on the plus sign at the left hand bottom (this Project Name, called 'blog' here, should be remembered for later use).

Create public container (switch off Allow Listing):

Copy the URL of the object store ( <projectid> ), top-right in the blue bar, for later configuration steps. You will be able to use an own CNAME or the Supername of the CloudVPS CDN for this (if the CDN Supername is linked to the URL of the object store).

You are now done in the interface and can access Wordpress now to configure W3TC (installation and configuration of W3TC is not within the scope of the todo).

Click on 'Performance' in the main menu on the left and on 'General Settings' afterwards, then scroll to CDN Settings.

Enable CDN here and choose 'Self-hosted' or 'File Transfer Protocol Upload', save this configuration afterwards.

After this the configuration for FTP has to be entered. For this you choose 'Performance' after choosing 'CDN' in the menu on the left hand side.

Choose here which type of content you want to store in the object store, after that you need to scroll down in order to configure FTP.

Here you configure the following:
FTP hostname:
FTP username: <project id>:<object store username>
FTP password: <object store password>
FTP path: /<Project name>
Vervang de hostname van de site met: <objectstore URL/eigen CNAME>/<Container name>

After that you can test the connection and store the settings.

In case there already is content on the blog, then it will have to be uploaded, W3TC will show a bar above the settings that allows you to take care of this. An alternative is using the upload button after every option you have selected under the General Settings of the CDN.

W3TC will also ask you to purge all current caches in order to use the new settings. After that your static content will be delivered from the object store. If you want this content to be served from the CloudVPS CDN then you will need to use the Supername of the CDN in the 'Replace site's hostname with' field.

Meer FTP To Object Store documentation:

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