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How can I reach the OpenStack Interface?

Horizon can be reached via

Skyline is only available on our Legacy OpenStack platform  via:

What OpenStack products can I order and what are their prices?

See our products and pricing page.

What are the possibilities for harddisk storage and their functionality?

See the relevant knowledge base article about this. We recommend putting application data in a separate volume. Volumes can be detached from virtual servers at will and can attain higher performance.

Can I resize volumes?

No, if you want a larger volume you need to clone the volume to a larger one, after that you can delete the old one. If you want a smaller volume you need to create a new volume and migrate the data to the new, smaller, volume.

Can I resize a cloud server?

You can always increase the size of cloud server. However, because it is not possible to decrease the size of the harddisk it is only possible to downgrade if the harddisk does not get smaller. This precludes downgrading to the smaller flavors with smaller harddisks.

The largest Standard flavors feature the same harddisk so it is possible to downgrade a Standard flavor 6 or 7 down to a Standard flavor 5.

In order to increase your downgrade possibilities you can also use Small HD flavors. These exactly the same as the 4 biggest Standard flavors but they all feature 32G of harddisk. This means it is possible to downgrade all Small HD flavors al the way down to a Standard 3 flavor.

For more information on our different flavors please see our pricing page.

When do I use Small HD Flavor cloud servers?

We recommend storing application data in a separate volume. Customers who do this can use the small HD flavors in order not to pay for unused space.

Small HD flavor cloud servers also widen the range of cloud server downgrade possibilities. Since it is not possible to downgrade harddisks in CloudVPS Compute the fact that all harddisks of this type of flavor are 32G ensures it is possible to downgrade any Small HD flavor down to a Standard 3 flavor (the Standard flavor with 32G).

What Availability Zones are available?
  • AMS-EQ1, Amsterdam, NL, Equinix AM1
  • AMS-EQ3, Amsterdam, NL, Equinix AM3

Our legacy openstack platform has the following zones:

  • NL1 Equinix AM1
  • NL2 euNetworks Amsterdam
What are the Quota in my account?

Every OpenStack project has a serveral quota related to different resources. The quotum for the number of projects is 3.

Max cloud servers 30
Max CPU Cores 180
Maximum RAM 150G
Max volumes 20
Maximum Volume Space 8T
Maximum floating IPs 100
Maximum number of networks 5
Maximum number of routers 10
Maximum number of images 20
Maximum number of snapshots 30

If you hit one of the quota, please send an email to sales so we can review your limits. Please note that test accounts will have lower quota.

How can Interface and OpenStack project user rights be managed?

All user rights management can be done from the UserManagement tab in the interface.

Is reverse DNS supported within the OpenStack platform?

Yes, the name of your instances will be used as the reverse DNS address. Before the custom PTR record is inserted, a set of reverse DNS checks are executed. If those checks fail, a PTR record will be generated for your instance.

Does Compute support IPv6 at the moment?

Yes. You can add an interface to an instance in the 'net-public-ipv6' network and it will receive one IPv6 address via DHCP.

IPv6 is not supported on our Legacy OpenStack platform.

How can control panel licenses be added?

You can add control panel licenses to a cloud server yourself. At this point we do not have Control Panel images yet but you can still procure the license itself from CloudVPS. If you want to do this please send an email to sales.

Which Service Levels will apply to the cloud servers?

On all servers our free Service Level 1 will apply. It not yet possible to purchase Service Level 2 and Service Level 3 on your OpenStack cloud servers.

What kind of support can I expect from Service Level 1 on OpenStack?

We will guarantee 99.9% availability on all services. If a service is not available for more than 0.1% the customer will receive the monthly amount would have to pay for that resource (applying the size the resource had at the time of the downtime) as a credit on the next invoice.

You can also ask for advise about using the OpenStack platform and about the configuration of your cloud server. If a customer wants us to login in order to help configruation of the environment we will charge our hourly rate of EUR 95 per hour (minimum period of 15 minutes).

Service Level 1 customers are allowed to call the 24/7 support number in the case of problems with the CloudVPS infrastructure. Service Level 1 customers can not call the 24/7 support number in the case of problem within the server environment.

Please note the support commitment in the OpenStack platform Service Level 1 is more limited than the commitment in the traditional platform.

Can I obtain an extra Service Level?

It is not yet possible to get the additional Service Level 2 or Service Level 3. This will be possible in the future. 

How can I set up backups?

You can procure a CloudVPS Backup Account to store your backups. You can use the CloudVPS backup script to take backups of Linux servers. In the near future we will make it possible to store backups in the CloudVPS Object Store.

Can I use the free CloudVPS CDN with my Compute servers?

Yes, our free global CDN is available for our Compute customers as well as for users of the Object Store.

Can I use CloudVPS N2 monitoring on my Compute servers?

It is not possible to use N2 monitoring.



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