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/ Configuring Owncloud with the Openstack Object Store


Owncloud is self hosted open source cloud software. It enables private file sharing and synchronization, allows contact and calendar management and has more applications like collaborative document editing and bookmark management.

Owncloud supports our Openstack object store as a storage backend. This means that the files stored in that folder are not hosted on the server itself but on our Object store. The CloudVPS Object store is high available, the data is stored on multiple nodes and you only pay for actual usage. Read more about the CloudVPS Object store.

If you want to expand the storage of your Owncloud installation you can read below how to configure this with our Object store. You can read more about Owncloud on the projects website:


  • Seperate Openstack Project
  • Seperate Openstack Object Store (swiftoperator) user
  • Owncloud 7 or higher

Both the Project and user can be created via It is recommended that you only assign the swiftoperator role to the user in that project. Note down the Username, Password and Project ID.

External Storage Plugin

First enable the "External storage support" application via the top left button "Apps" --> [+].

External Storage Settings

Navigate to the Admin menu via the top right button.

Scroll down to External Storage. Configure the following settings:

Folder Name: CloudVPS
External Storage: Openstack Object Storage

  • Username: Openstack username (
  • Bucket: Owncloud
  • Region: NL
  • API Key: cloudvps_api
  • Tenant Name: Project ID
  • Password: Openstack Password
  • Service Name: swift
  • URL of Identity Service:
  • HTTP Timeout: 5


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