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Why is the Classic VPS Linux Xen platform migrated to the TransIP VPS platform?

In 2018, CloudVPS has become part of the TransIP Group. This offers us fantastic opportunities to combine the best of both companies.

To achieve this, we focus on two platforms which we are continuously developing: the TransIP VPS platform, which excels in reliability and ease of use and the OpenStack platform, the scalable open source cloud computing platform. That also means that we move away from platforms that have had their best time, including the Classic VPS platform. This no longer meets our safety and performance requirements.

What does this mean for my VPS?

In May, we will start migrating from the XEN platform to the TransIP VPS platform. Thanks to fully automated migrations, we make the transition from your VPS to the new platform go smoothly, with minimum downtime of just a few minutes. The IP addresses which are linked to your VPS will of course remain the same.

After the migration, you immediately enjoy the benefits of the TransIP VPS platform. You will be able to manage your VPSs even more easily thanks to the intuitive control panel, the performance is considerably improved thanks to the transition from HDD to SSD, and your VPS runs on a reliable platform with 99.99% uptime guarantee and free back-ups, among other things.

Can my VPS stay on the Classic XEN VPS platform?

No, the Classic VPS Linux XEN platform no longer meets our standards of reliability, performance, and safety. All active VPSs are therefore transferred to the TransIP VPS platform, after which the XEN platform is phased out.

When will my VPS be migrated?

We will start the automated migrations from the old to the new platform in May 2019. Because of its size, this project will certainly last until the end of the year. You will receive a message from us one week before your VPS is transferred. As soon as the migration time is known, you have the option of choosing a different moment from the TransIP control panel.

The first migrations take place during office hours so we can resolve any complications immediately. As soon as all migrations go flawlessly, it will also be possible to migrate outside office hours.

Can I migrate my VPS myself?

This is certainly possible! You can take full control of the migration by ordering one or more VPSs from TransIP. Because we encourage this, all CloudVPS customers who have a Classic VPS on the XEN platform will receive a 50% discount on every VPS ordered from TransIP for 6 months.

More information about migrating your VPS to TransIP can be found in this article.

Linking CloudVPS account to TransIP account

As part of the migration process, you link your CloudVPS account to a TransIP account. We will send you an email about this before the migrations actually take place. Here, you will find more information about linking your CloudVPS account to your TransIP account.

Can I switch to OpenStack?

Absolutely! The OpenStack platform is one of the two platforms on which we will focus our attention in the coming years. Would you like more information about the possibilities which our OpenStack platform provides? Read more here.

Support, legal and security at TransIP

VPS support at TransIP works somewhat differently compared to CloudVPS: telephone support is not possible, but the support department can be reached in a broader timeframe. You can find more information about this in this article.

After the migration, the general terms and conditions and SLA of TransIP apply. In our article about Legal & Security at TransIP, you will find more information about this.

Finance & Administration

As soon as the migration of your VPS is completed, the contract for the VPS with CloudVPS expires. After the migration, your VPS will be invoiced from TransIP with the corresponding conditions. You can find more information about the related changes in our Finance & Administration article.

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