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/ Linking your CloudVPS account to your TransIP account

As a part of the automated migrations of your Xen VPS to the TransIP infrastructure, you're required to link your Xen VPS account to a TransIP account. In this article we go over the steps involved in this process.


Step 1

You have received an email from TransIP. Click the blue box with the text "Link account and log in."


Step 2

Login with your CloudVPS data. This is the same data which you use to log in to

Please note: Your username is usually an email address.


Step 3

Do you already have a TransIP account? Then, use the bottom option and login with your TransIP account information. Don't have a TransIP account yet? Then, use the top option and continue in step 4.


Step 4

Enter your desired username and email address. Then choose a strong password and click the "Register" button.


Step 5

Your account has been successfully linked. Then click "To control panel".


Step 6

You will see the VPSs which you purchased from CloudVPS in your control panel. You will also find an overview per VPS of the specifications after the migration to the BladeVPS platform. Once you have received an email for the migration of one of your VPSs, you can adjust the migration date and time in this control panel.



This concludes the tutorial for linking your CloudVPS account to a Trans-IP account. You do not have to do anything else with the control panel until you receive an email about the migration of one of your VPSs. After the migration, you can manage your VPS in this control panel as you did on


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