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Are you experiencing a problem or do you have a question? Ask your question via a ticket to our support department. This article describes what information we need to process your request to the best of our Ability.

In order to identify the problem we will need the following information:


Machine information

In order to help you to the best of our Ability, we need the following information from your vps / instance:

Openstack Platform

On the Openstack platform we use unique UUIDs, through these UUIDs we can find which instance it concerns and where this instance runs.

  • You can find your UUID by navigating to Project > Compute > Instance within the Openstack dashboard on the left.
  • Click on the instance for which you want to know the UUID.
  • You will find your UUID (ID) on the overview tab (for example: ebb79e9c-f6ad-4642-9e0c-b8d45e301e7b)

VPS number - Xen and Hyper-V
On the Classic Platform (Xen and Hyper-V) we use VPS numbers, which you can find within our interface by pressing VPS Control at the top of the menu bar.

We can also find your VPS through the public IP address of your VPS.


Description of problem

To handle your ticket we would like to know what your problem is, we would like to know the following information about your problem:

  • A detailed description of the problem you're experiencing.
  • The starting time of the problem.
  • What steps you have already taken to identify and solve the problem?

We would also like to receive the log files from your server, which often contain the error messages. on linux machines you can find it in the /var/log directory. You can send these log files within the attachment of your ticket.

If you experience the problems below, we recommend that you send the information per problem.


Network problems

If you experiencing network problems we would like to ask you to do a network test by means of an MTR.

We would like to see an MTR from your instance to your home/office network and from your home / office to the instance. Please add the results of this MTR within the ticket, An MTR shows us step-by-step what the Network does, and where the problem lies.

mtr -s 500 -r -c 500 <Your IP-Adress>

We recommend the application WinMTR to perform a MTR on the Windows platform.


Mail problems

If you experience mail problems, we recommend that you try a mail-test via, via this website your email will receive a score that you can send to us. you can do this by sending us the link of the score page.



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