/ Fair use policy VPS

/ Fair use policy VPS

CloudVPS uses a Fair Use Policy (FUP) for all its services and products.

/ Purpose FUP

The FUP aims to prevent overload of the network, abuse and inconvenience to other users. The FUP is intended to inform you as a customer about what you can expect from our services, to prevent you from facing unexpected costs and to make sure you can use your virtual private server worry-free.

/ FUP and data traffic

Overloading the network and inconvenience to other customers may be caused by individual users who use much more traffic than the average of similar customers.

CloudVPS reserves the right to monitor the amount of data traffic and filter excesses. Under normal circumstances, there is no overusage of data traffic. If the amount of data traffic differs significantly from the average, CloudVPS will contact the customer about how to normalize the usage. If the customer does not normalize his consumption, CloudVPS can block (temporarily) data traffic or charge the customer.