/ Auto failover IP on OpenStack


CloudVPS provides many failover and redundancy features, and we are pleased to announce that Auto failover IP's with VRRP can now also be easilly configured on our latest OpenStack platform.

Every instance is Higly Available on the new OpenStack platform by default. There is no configuration requred for HA to work on your istance.

Options such as using Floating IP’s have been possible before, even across datacenters, and can be controlled via the Horizon interface. Additionally we also enabled you to build automatic failover like HA Clusters or complete auto scaling setups like our christmass tree project.

In these setups Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) is used as a protocol that enables the automatic failover of IP's in case of an incident or maintenance. This is done by using tools such as Keepalived. VRRP was also possible on all of our other platforms like XEN. With the introduction of the new metadata key, ha_vip_address, VRRP is now also available on our new OpenStack platform.

We have simplified the use of this so that you now only have to add a key to your VPS and configure your keepalived software.

If you want to know how to configure your instance, please read our knowledgebase article.

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