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Today CloudVPS launches the first OpenStack-based public European cloud. With CloudVPS Compute, cloud users can create and manage large networks of cloud servers, simply and on demand, within an enterprise-class infrastructure. The new service speaks to the needs of businesses and software developers wary of vendor lock-in, who are seeking an open cloud service where clients are not tied to one single provider. With Compute, CloudVPS offers an open and privacy aware alternative for US-based services such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. In most scenario’s CloudVPS Compute will be significantly cheaper than the US based services as well.

Linux of the Cloud

The OpenStack open source cloud platform, also referred to as ‘Linux of the Cloud, is enjoying a surge in popularity amongst developers and businesses. This is no coincidence: the various OpenStack components can be used to quickly build a private or public cloud, and the four-year-old project is maturing with blistering speed. CloudVPS is the first vendor in Europe to offer a public OpenStack cloud where users can procure completely flexible capacity.

Market need

CloudVPS sees a huge need with developers and businesses for an open, European alternative to the well-known American cloud services. An important factor is that the market is now realising that American cloud providers cannot legally guarantee the level of privacy required by many European customers. It is also becoming increasingly clear that cloud users need an open and flexible platform, where they are free to choose from any number of different vendors. OpenStack offers this flexibility and as a result it is supported by big players such as HP, Cisco, IBM, Ubuntu (Canonical) and Red Hat.”


CloudVPS Compute provides real benefits for developers seeking a flexible environment for their applications. Customers pay an hourly rate for the required capacity, and can therefore quickly respond to changes in usage. Furthermore, CloudVPS Compute can be managed with the OpenStack API (Application Programming Interface). This enables full management of cloud without human intervention. This means that applications can automatically scale up capacity during peak periods for example. Other cloud providers, such as HP, also use the OpenStack API, and anything written for OpenStack can therefore also be used on those platforms.

Hybrid enterprise clouds

In the US, 84% of CTOs already have started working on OpenStack related projects, and in the field of private enterprise clouds, OpenStack is becoming an increasingly viable alternative to VMware. The fact that OpenStack is being used both for private and public clouds, combined with the adoption of the ‘hybrid cloud’ model by many businesses, will further accelerate the adoption of OpenStack. With hybrid clouds, part of the IT infrastructure runs on private clouds inside the enterprise and part of it runs on public cloud services outside the company. OpenStack is the only solution that features prominently in both the private and the public cloud market, enabling those two types of clouds to communicate without problems. OpenStack-based hybrid clouds are expected to become an increasingly important feature of the enterprise cloud landscape in the coming years.

Key advantages of CloudVPS Compute

• Create and manage complex virtual networks within seconds using an elegant user interface;
• Pay as you go: the user only pays for the resources actually allocated;
• Competitive pricing: computing power 30 to 50% cheaper than US-based cloud providers
• No vendor lock-in thanks to OpenStack;
• Automatic cloud management via the OpenStack API.
• Privacy & Security: No Patriot Act, European data jurisdiction, open source software and comprehensive certification;
• Extreme redundancy: hard disk data is saved four times.
• Seamlessly hybrid: significant presence both in private and public clouds


We will continue to add new functionality to our OpenStack cloud platform. Our strategy will be to offer an increasing number of functions that previously needed to be set up and managed separately as services, think about Load Balancing, VPN and Database as a Service.

More Information about the European OpenStack Cloud

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About CloudVPS

CloudVPS is the leading cloud provider of the Netherlands. The company was founded in 2006 by a small group of pioneers, they now serve an impressive list of clients from a network spread across three Class-A data centres. CloudVPS has a large public cloud where customers can use flexible computing. The company has also implemented a large number of private clouds and custom solutions. CloudVPS is a leader in cloud certification and cloud-related open source technologies such as OpenStack.

Despite the success achieved, the CloudVPS team not resting on their laurels. Lennard Zwart, CloudVPS CEO, is convinced that the hybrid and public clouds will become the basis for all IT infrastructures. “The time has come to set up European alternatives to the well-known American cloud solutions, based on strong privacy guarantees, good security, and open technologies.”

Press information

If you would like more information about the cloud services of CloudVPS, or would like to hear the opinion of CEO Lennard Zwart about the developments in Cloud Computing, IT certification, public and hybrid clouds, privacy and OpenStack, please contact CloudVPS’ PR office, Pride PR:

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Karlijn Stoelinga
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