/ CloudVPS welcomes the UN as a customer


CloudVPS has been selected as a cloud provider by the United Nations. After successfully provisioning and hosting cloud servers for the web applications of UN-HABITAT and the UN Industrial Development Organisation CloudVPS also provisioned a cluster for the UN Environment Programme.


In september of 2013 CloudVPS was first approached with a request for proposal for the UN-HABITAT. They required a European mirror site for a number of public and intranet sites for UNON (the UN branche in Nairobi) and they were working on a short timeline. “CloudVPS was able to move quickly, both when responding to our Request For Proposal and when configuring the cluster after they were selected. They also met our strict guidelines regarding security and privacy,” says Karmal Naim, head of ICT of UN-HABITAT in Nairobi, Kenia.


CloudVPS was subsequently approached by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation), who were looking for a hosting partner for their web applications. “We selected CloudVPS because they were able to provide us with a flexible and cost effective platform while meeting our strict demands regarding privacy and security. The first experiences with CloudVPS confirm that we made the right decision,” according to Stefan Kratzsch, Industrial Development Officer investment and Technology Unit (ITU) for UNIDO in Vienna, Austria.


After successfully completing the first two assignment CloudVPS was approached by the UN again in December of 2013. This time the relevant department was UNEP (United Nations Environmental Programme), for the hosting of a number of important websites. This assignment was also won by CloudVPS and in January of 2014 a cluster was provisioned for them.

We are very happy that the UN has chosen us as a supplier of cloud services and are looking forward to a good long term relationship with the organisation.

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