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Combined group creates $1 billion European tech unicorn

Ghent / Leiden, 12 June 2019 - Combell Group and TransIP Group today announce the creation of team.blue, one of the latest European tech companies to exceed a $1 billion valuation. Team.blue will offer digital tools such as hosting, email and applications to over 1.2 million customers across Europe, with a base of over 600 employees working in expert teams.

The combined company creates a new powerhouse in European tech, with a vision to create reliable, best-in-class tools and products to better enable companies and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses digitally. Founders Ali Niknam and Jonas Dhaenens recognise and applaud the high level of innovation and customer satisfaction that both companies bring to the sector. They have now joined forces to create a framework for one of the biggest founder led hosting groups, a new, visionary tech group, which also aims to further consolidate the market and have other founders join team.blue.

“We have always listened closely to our customers and kept innovating to provide the best solutions for their needs. As both Combell and TransIP share this vision, creating Team Blue is a logical step to grow further, together”, says founder of TransIP Ali Niknam.

Both Combell and TransIP have grown organically over the years as well as running successful buy & build strategies. In 2017, Combell made a ‘quantum leap’ by joining forces with Zitcom, a hosting group in Denmark, which led to leading sector positions in Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. In the Netherlands, TransIP transformed the sector with its industry leading BladeVPS platform and expanded its activities after acquiring IT-Ernity in 2018, which today houses some of the most trusted IT brands in the Netherlands.

Team.blue will combine significant experience and expertise, creating a sector leading provider of hosting services across the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. The aim is to further expand its activities across Europe in the future. Jonas Dhaenens, founder of Combell, will become CEO of team.blue and will oversee Group’s new vision. Ali Niknam, founder of TransIP and founder and CEO of bunq, a European bank challenger, remains a major investor and will join the board of directors.

“Team.blue’s goal is simple - to be best-in-class. We can deliver on that promise through our constant and consistent innovation, bringing together some of the most experienced people in the industry. Our aim is to be a true tech partner and a digital enabler for businesses”, says Jonas Dhaenens, CEO of team.blue.

About team.blue
Team.blue is a leading digital enabler for companies and entrepreneurs. The group was created by merging the Combell Group and the TransIP Group in 2019. It serves 1.2M customers in Europe and has more than 600 experts to support them. Its goal is to shape technology and provide powerful digital services for businesses worldwide.

About Combell Group
Combell Group started in 1999 and is a leading digital enabler for entrepreneurs and small businesses in Northwestern Europe. The group serves nearly 800.000 customers in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland and has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Innovation, trust and reliability is part of its DNA.

About TransIP Group
TransIP Group offers managed and unmanaged internet and connectivity services from her branches in The Netherlands. Its brand portfolio includes trusted brands like TransIP, Proserve, Signet, CloudVPS and VDX. The credo of TransIP Group is to ‘Make Advanced Simple’, which it does for more than 400.000 customers so that they can excel in their digital existence.

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